Reading Lists

We have looked at the core public health competencies and the gaps identified by professionals in the field to develop diverse sets of reading lists. The interns work hard to balance temporality and significance, so lists will include articles published in the last three years, with the exception of seminal articles. We have worked hard to develop topic-based lists, annotated lists, and course-specific lists. Please enjoy and share!

Description: This class is an introductory to philosophy, ethics, historical roots, and approaches of contemporary public health education and health promotion. There is an emphasis on frameworks and strategies used in practice. (formerly HS 200)

Description: This class is a transdisciplinary introduction to community health. It includes a strategic analysis of local communities, evidence-based interventions, impact of environmental changes at individual, family, neighborhood, and community levels. This class focuses on healthy policies, built environment, leisure, equity, and integration of recreation and population health approaches. (formerly HS 74)

Description: This is a preparation class for entry into community health professions with an emphasis in four areas; (1) settings and roles, (2) skills for practice, (3) ethics and (4) leadership and professional associations. (formerly HS 165)

(in progress)

Description: This class is a multidisciplinary interpretation and evaluation of consumer health issues. It goes over the impact of cultural variables (including communication methods, socioeconomic status and traditional beliefs) on health and illness. Interaction of individuals in families and other groups. (formerly HS 135)

(in progress)

We are happy to curate a list for you!

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