Spotlight Author: Aditi Srivastav PhD, MPH

Professional Work

"Researchers have the unique ability to understand & translate science. Right now, we should be correcting misinformation, erasure of history, & use of inaccurate data in everyday conversations. This how we promote social justice."

I am a public health researcher, storyteller, & strategist.

What does that mean? It means I’m passionate about using my public health expertise for social change. I am dedicated to educating the public and decision makers about important issues affecting communities through data-driven, strategic, effective and timely communications.


The Empower Action Model: A Framework for Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences by Promoting Health, Equity, and Well-Being Across the Life Span

Aditi Srivastav, PhD, MPH, Melissa Strompolis, PhD, Amy Moseley, MA, Kelsay Daniels, BA
First Published November 24, 2019; pp. 525–534


Moderating the Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences to Address Inequities in Tobacco-Related Risk Behaviors

Aditi Srivastav, PhD, MPH, Melissa Strompolis, PhD, Colby Kipp, BS, Chelsea L. Richard, MSPH, James F. Thrasher, PhD
Health Promotion Practice, vol. 21, 1_suppl: pp. 139S-147S. , First Published January 7, 2020.


Addressing Health and Well-Being Through State Policy: Understanding Barriers and Opportunities for Policy-Making to Prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in South Carolina

Aditi Srivastav, PhD, Mindi Spencer, PhD, James F. Thrasher, PhD, Melissa Strompolis, PhD, Elizabeth Crouch, PhD, Rachel E. Davis, PhD
American Journal of Health Promotion, vol. 34, 2: pp. 189-197. , First Published October 9, 2019.


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Professional Work

Dr. Aditi Srivastav is the Director of Research at Children’s Trust of South Carolina. She leads mixed methods research efforts on adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), race equity, community mobilization, and public opinion to improve family and community resilience. Her research has has been published in several well-respected peer review journals.


In her role, Aditi oversees the South Carolina ACE Initiative and KIDS COUNT South Carolina, in which she directs all data dissemination and translates research for organizational strategy, community action and social change through community training, data visualizations, issue briefs, data profiles, blogs, and one-pagers.



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