How to Read a Scholarly Article Infographic

Help your students read Health Promotion Practice articles – or any scholarly article – more efficiently and effectively. In our infographic and teaching slides, “How to Read a Scholarly Article,” anyone can learn the steps to first skim an article for relevance, and then how to read critically for deeper understanding. The original infographic was created by HPP intern, Kathryn Houk, in the summer of 2020.

We encourage everyone to print, post, and share the infographic widely – without modification and with attribution. When sharing on your social media please use the hashtag #TheHppJournal and #HPPIntern.

We also encourage educators to download and use the slide deck in order to spend a few minutes teaching about reading a scholarly article. We ask that you do not change information on the individual slides; but you may rearrange, delete, or add to the slide deck. Please provide appropriate attribution if you choose not to use the reference slide.

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